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Needles > Casein DP Swallow Needles 5.0mm (8US) / 23mm
Casein DP Swallow Needles 5.0mm (8US) / 23mm

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Set of 5 DP pearl-like needles - 5.0mm / 23mm Made in Australia

Casein Knitting Needles are made from the purest edible casein produced by the Australian and New Zealand dairy industry. Casein is made using the same process as for cheese making. Casein means 'protein of milk, the basis of cheese" and is a dried milk product often used in high protein dietary foods. It therefore comes from a naturally renewable resource and is biodegradable, thus being a totally environmentally friendly product. The needles have been crafted to resemble the look and feel of natural ivory. These needles come in sets of 5