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Ordering & Policies

Payment method:

There are two ways to purchase an item on this website:

1) We prefer payment by Paypal. This is a secure means to use your credit card on-line or to have an e-check sent online.  Paypal accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can also send an E-check from Paypal which will automatically send payment to us from your checking account.

When you click on an item title for the description - the Shopping Cart will appear. Please follow the Shopping Cart Check Out Links to use Paypal for your purchase.

All prices on this website are shown in USD. 
We accept also payments in Canadian dollars and Euro, converted at the current exchange rates.

If you are currently a member of Paypal then you already are familiar with how easy and secure paying with Paypal is.  If not already a member, joining Paypal is FREE.  Click on the following link to join Paypal:   

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

2) We also accept money orders. Please e-mail us with a list of items  you would like to purchase so we can prepare your package so it can be shipped the moment your money order arrives.

Please make money orders out to: Advantica / Yarnela

Mail to: Advantica, 45 Ashfield Drive, Richmond Hill, ON, L4E 2L1, Canada

If you have any questions regarding how to pay for your purchase or would like more information please call us at: 905-773-0749


We do our best to combine your items in one parcel and to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. For orders of more than one item, an additional $1.00 or 2.00, depending on the weight of the item, will be charged for each additional item.

The purchased items are shipped by surface Canada Post/USPS. Shipping, insurance and handling are not included in the price of the ordered item. The delivery time is typically 5-10 business days excluding holidays, but the delays are not uncommon. If you need something quickly, you have an option of using UPS or Federal Express as your delivery method.

We ship world-wide.

It is best to pay with one Paypal payment or money order for the combined shipment.